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Published Works

These are currently all of the books that I have published. Chances are slim that I will post too much information about upcoming books, but I might discuss tidbits.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer some insight about the Soul Mates series. Most people probably are aware of the idea behind soulmates; people that are an ideal match. Instead of the 'traditional' connotations attached to the word itself, I started to apply them to an idea; Soul Mates. Certain aspects of every relationship through recorded history, touch upon at least one of those ideas. I decided to showcase a few of those ideas in each book/story, and perhaps in reading, dear reader, you learn a bit about yourself, and others.

You are, of course, free to like or dislike anything I have published, I respect your opinion. However, please remember, it is your opinion. If you wish to share your opinion though, feel free to leave a review anywhere my content is published.

I believe that what you are doing and going to do, is more important than what you have done, but that does not mean you cannot atone, or otherwise suffer consequences, for the past, nor learn from it.

Also note the differences in the links for each book. Smashwords handles ebooks in tons of formats, so if that is what you prefer, please visit Smashwords links to purchase ebook versions. DriveThruFiction/DriveThruRPG offer prints (physical books in hardback and paperback, B & W, and full color), and a PDF format, so if you prefer a physical book, please visit the DriveThruFiction/DriveThruRPG links to purchase hardback and/or paperback versions.
- A. J.


Perceptions of Love

Darcy is a simple woman. She grew up in a small town with hopes and dreams of a brighter future. Her life shines like the sun when she meets the man of her dreams, but is it really what she thinks it is or has she become confused about life lessons she has learned? Her life is about to take a huge turn while she is on her honeymoon with her husband and her new found friend, Cammie.


Still Waters Run Deep

Carmine was a rookie detective when his world came crashing down around him, thanks to his murderous brothers. Events unfold, centered around him and his immediate family, that threatens to rip apart the great city he swore to protect. Things turn around when a woman from his childhood, with unique skills, swoops in to help out and he falls in love with her, but can she be trusted? Can the two of them and a small group of their friends triumph over an organization that thousands of years old, and that has become twisted by greedy, aged men?


Dealing Life Away

Bobby Shaftoe left home fresh out of high school and boarded a train bound for New York City. Bobby has a special gift and during his trip he learns to develop it even more. His arrival in the Big Apple signals a changing of the guard. He is brought face-to-face with a horrifying reality that has twisted the game he loves into a life and death struggle for the future of the entire city.


Coloring for your:
mind, body, spirit

#ColoringTherapy helps to guide the reader through the mental process of coloring. Not merely for childhood playtime, coloring in your adult life can provide time to re-focus your mind and spirit. It can help with fine motor skills and improve numerous brain functions. Coloring may also provide an outlet for grieving and much more.

the Legends of Dragons

the book, and the card/board game

Book: Legends are often sustained for eons. Passed along through spoken word or an epic writing. In a world of dragons, elves, and humans, where racial tensions often spark confrontation, a threat to the continuing existance of all life has risen once again. | Game: One (1) Player, Two (2)+ Players, by using specific rules. Each player uses a standard 50-card deck to eliminate their opponent(s) and/or capture Locations. Each deck contains Dragon Cards and Action Cards.


the board game

Begloomed, the Card Game, is inspired by iD Software's popular First Person Shooter from 1993. 1 or more players is/are charged with saving their Mainframe from Glooms. Players use cards to: create level maps, rooms, as well as positions for Items and Enemies.

the Legend of Ezmerelda

the board game

The Legend of Ezmerelda is an adventure roleplaying game, based in the late 1400s, in a fantastical version of France and central Europe. 1 to 6 players may select a character to represent themselves in the gaming world and to develop a character over time, while exploring new locations, rescuing friends, finding lost artifacts, and completing quests. Optionally a player may create their own character from scratch. Story-lines are enhanced by factual Romani culture and history. The story centers around Ezmerelda, a French Roma adventurer, formerly a member of a dancing troupe along with her husband. She now uses her skills and abilities to uncover clues about her husband's murderer, Duke Grummen, and to hopefully bring justice down upon them. Along the way, she crosses paths with some unique people that aid her in her quest.


the board game

LevAIthans (Lev-Aye-Eye-thans) is a adventure, card game, using adjustable, pre-made characters, influenced by Tron. Players, called Controllers, add various types of Bytes to their Byte Mat, or playing field. Each Byte has different base stats and abilities, but they can all be expanded with Programming Cards. Programming Cards fit into Expansion slots for each Byte, some are permanent and some are temporary. Some Bytes can "swarm", which means they work with other alike Bytes during the Hack and Defense phase.

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Letter from the Editor

My Editor

For those that might be curious, my editor is Gloria Mills. She has been doing all of my proofreading since I started writing my first book. She does a great job, and offers tremendous support, even if she likes to harp on me about getting back to writing.

Hi, I'm Gloria - A.J.'s editor and 'Mom'. I can often be found in the vicinity of thunderrockradio dot com, a little grassroots hobby that has kept me out of the pool hall since 2003. A.J. has been with me for most of that ride and has certainly been the longest standing DJ at the station, but he is also my friend. Several years ago he was toying with the idea of writing fiction, and I encouraged him (offering to be his editor) and I'm extremely proud of what he has accomplished so far. Do check out the books in his Soul Mates series, you won't be disappointed!