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Soul Mates
- Perceptions of Love

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About the book...

Darcy is a simple woman. She grew up in a small town with hopes and dreams of a brighter future. Her life shines like the sun when she meets the man of her dreams, but is it really what she thinks it is or has she become confused about life lessons she has learned? Her life is about to take a huge turn while she is on her honeymoon with her husband and her new found friend, Cammie.

A Small Taste...Chapter 19: Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin':

"Darcy poured the contents of the pan she had been heating up, into a bowl and grabbed a spoon from the drawer. She walked back into the living room where Cammie and Mark were laying next to one another talking. They both looked up at her as she approached. "What have you got there babe?" asked Mark. He saw the smirk on Cammie's face as Darcy sat next to them to reveal the contents of the bowl; sweet, warm fudge."

A. J.'s Notes...

This book is not for everyone. It contains graphic, adult content, but for a reason. If you make it through to the end, maybe you will understand what the book was really about. For those that barely made it beyond Chapter 12, be aware that Perceptions of Love is not the foundation of my writing. With that in mind, allow me to offer a bit more insight about this book. At the time Perceptions was written, I was sort of preparing myself for public scrutiny. Whatever I did from that point forward would be easier. Overall that slowly became true, as I branched out into other arenas and learned new skills and techniques. I suppose it was literarily similar to ripping off a band-aid. While other works have included characters from this material, I feel this particular work would stand alone from the rest.


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