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- Coloring for your: mind, body and spirit

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About the book...

#ColoringTherapy helps to guide the reader through the mental process of coloring. Not merely for childhood playtime, coloring in your adult life can provide time to re-focus your mind and spirit. It can help with fine motor skills and improve numerous brain functions. Coloring may also provide an outlet for grieving and much more.

As you begin the journey into adult coloring, along the path you should gain some additional knowledge about coloring and how it is different now, than it was as a child. Learn about materials, techniques and how to select media and medium types as they pertain to colored pencils.

Enjoy the conversational tone of the book, filled with both instructions and suggestions, including anecdotes from the author's life and how they relate to coloring. All of this is meant to help the reader to see how they can connect to coloring and in turn, allow the benefits from the finer points of coloring to blend into their lives. Includes the addendum Tie-Dye Therapy: Explore the art of tie-dye and how it relates to coloring. Plus learn techniques and suggestions, as well as color images of works completed by the author.

A Small Taste...Chapter 3 (b): Goals, Schmoals, Cinnamon Rolls...:

"Setting smaller goals, allows one to more easily obtain the long-term one through a series of (and if created well enough) vastly (in)significant steps. Just color this area here first. Now that one over there and now one in between both areas. It is noticeable progress [success] and that can be what keeps you moving towards the final goal (of more success)."

A. J.'s Notes...

I began this journey just over one year before I started to write down the ideas which would eventually turn into this book. I wanted to introduce my son to coloring, but also to utilize it as a tool to teach him how to regulate his feelings. Yes, coloring can help you do that, among many other benefits. While the name implies a type of self-help system, coloring is more of a therapeutic activity and shouldn't be used as the sole source of therapy, but it is a good place to get started. Also included are over 30 full-color images, taken from pieces that I personally colored, as well as the addendum, Tie-Dye Therapy, which covers the basics and some more advanced ideas for tie-dyeing.


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ISBN: 9781729035054

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ISBN: 9780463597187

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ISBN: 9781729035054

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ISBN: 9781729035054, 9781729035054, 9798864477649
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