These are currently all of the books that I have published. Chances are slim that I will post too much information about upcoming books, but you never know. I would like to take this opportunity to offer some insight about the Soul Mates series. Most of us 'know' the idea behind soulmates, star-crossed lovers, etc. Yes, I am a romantic at heart, bit odd for most it seems, but when I began this series, the concept of soulmates changed in my mind. Instead of the 'traditional' connotations attached to the word itself, I started to apply them to an idea; Soul Mates. Certain aspects of every relationship through recorded history, touch upon at least one of those ideas. I decided to showcase the ideas by book/story, and perhaps in reading, dear reader, you learn a bit about yourself. You are of course free to like or dislike anything I have published, I respect your opinion, but please remember, it is your opinion and thus does not determine the path of my life. No doubt in the future, I will be put under a microscope at some point too. I believe that what you are going to do, is more important than what you have done, but that doesn't mean you cannot atone for the past, nor learn from it.
- AJ


Serial publications began over the summer of 2017. The idea had been long residing in my mind, but it was vague and bland, lacking in substance. As I moved forward on another project, I began utilizing social media more as a marketing tool. With all of the ups and downs brought about by and because of social media, it can be a powerful tool. It was also much easier to get feedback from: family, friends, readers and other fans, than had previously been possible. It was not long before the first, serial-story began to take shape.
- AJ

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Letter from the Editor

My Editor

For those that might be curious, my editor is Gloria Mills. She has been doing all of my proofreading since I started writing my first book. She does a great job, and offers tremendous support, even if she likes to harp on me about getting back to writing.

Hi, I'm Gloria - AJ's editor and 'Mom'. I can often be found in the vicinity of thunderrockradio dot com, a little grassroots hobby that has kept me out of the pool hall since 2003. AJ has been with me for most of that ride and has certainly been the longest standing DJ at the station, but he is also my friend. Several years ago he was toying with the idea of writing fiction, and I encouraged him (offering to be his editor) and I'm extremely proud of what he has accomplished so far. Do check out the books in his Soul Mates series, you won't be disappointed!

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