AJ's Many Projects


#NoBullies social media campaign against bullies.

Several different, quirky, sample t-shirts to show your support against bullies. Person's may approve their t-shirts by including their "signature" on the back, along with the appropriate Signature Collection name. (All t-shirt designs are FREE to use, just let me know you're using them please!)


Hand-colored artwork, supporting my son's school.

The idea behind this project was very simple: supporting my son's school. This section contains images that I have colored by hand. 100% of all profits go to my son's school. Yes, this means the price you pay for each original piece of art, is donated to the school my son is attending. Also includes external links to RedBubble to purchase #ColoringTherapy Tie-Dye products (7% of the price per product is donated.)

TAPdd - Tattooed and Pierced

Social networking for body art lovers.

I came up with the idea for TAPdd when I noticed more and more people at their jobs with tattoos, piercings, etc. Everyday people, not professional models, proudly showing off their body art. That is what TAPdd is all about. We encourage regular people, just like you, with body art to come join us. If you decide you like the website, you can join as a "model". Models on TAPdd may be whatever they wish, free from persecution, and are free to share their body art.

TRR - www.ThunderRockRadio.com®

Classic rock, Internet radio station.

I started off as a DJ at TRR in 2003. Since then I have been responsible for: training new DJs, designing and maintaining the website, as well as still broadcasting (currently every Saturday night from 6-8pm EST). In 2005, before moving back to Indiana, TRR held the First Annual Air Hog competition. Each DJ would stay on the air, consecutively, for as long as they could. My final time was just over 35 hours.

Bill Giegold - A Red Devil's Home

Dedication to my grandfather Albert W. (Bill) Giegold; 82nd Airborne, 508th PIR during World War II.

Even with all the work I have put into this website, I always feel there's more that should be done. Those that serve, should be remembered.

A+ Web Designs

My old 'business-related' website.

You have probably heard the phrase 'set it and forget it'. Well that's pretty much what I did here. Maybe one day it will need revising.

UO-The Expanse

Ultima Online free shard, online January 2011 - May 2017.

I enjoyed UO when I played back in 2000, but it wasn't until I began working on UO-The Expanse, that I realized how much fun UO really could be. Operating a gaming server does take a bit of a balancing act, and creativity can also cause friction. I had the privilege of working with some amazingly creative people over the years. With UO-The Expanse, my staff and I were able to bring things to UO that had never been done before. Still such a fun project!

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