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» The Human Catch 22

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Humanity is faced with its own mortality. Can humans turn things around before it is too late?

Years, decades after the last World War decimated the planet, humanity has reached the end, once again. The human race dwindles down to the final few. The only thing any of them have to look forward to is testifying. Then and only then will they be allowed to embrace happiness as their life comes to an end.

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Summary of preceeding chapters:

We are brought into the story at a crucial point in time. Several individuals are reciting information about human life, in the midst of something seemingly more sinister. These individuals also briefly touched on something called "testifying". Some of these individuals believe testifying is more than it appears, but are unable to prevent it from happening for others, when it doesn't happen for them. The last of the Subjects is about to deliver their report...


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I was born in 1977, in Flint, MI. My parents divorced when I was two and I lived with my mother in Indiana. We left our small town when I was six or seven and moved to a much larger city. It took a lot of time to adjust to the move. During this time, my mother met a new man, and he later became my stepfather. For years my parents would use me to fight between one another. Neither of them letting go of their grudges before it was too late. My first marriage did not turn out so well, and neither did many of the relationships that followed. I was learning from my experiences (some might call them mistakes), and attempting to grow into a more responsible human being..

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